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Grateful Dead Live at Providence Civic Center on 1987-09-07

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Grateful Dead Live at Providence Civic Center on 1987-09-07

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Feel Like A Stranger-> Franklin's Tower, Walkin' Blues, When Push Comes To Shove, My Brother Esau, It Must Have Been The Roses, Far From Me, Let It Grow Iko Iko, Saint Of Circumstance, Ship of Fools, Uncle John's Band-> Drums-> Jam-> Truckin'-> Spoonful-> Black Peter-> Around & Around-> Good Lovin'-> La Bamba-> Good Lovin', E: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Providence Civic Center
Location Providence, RI

Source Sony ECM220T mics from taper's section


Sony ECM220T mics from taper's section; via DNC vine


Reviewer: raoman - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2012
Subject: Start of a Nice Tour...
Opening show of Fall 1987 tour in Providence ...better believe I was there... Freshly Married and my wife from RI....At the time it was my favorite of the three nights but on second listening the playing is better on the third night. Feel Like a Franklins got the tour going and it rocked!!! First set was solid. Nice "Must Have Been The Roses" Second set also rocked.... Brent's scat singing during Aiko and the first Good Lovin> La Bamba blew us away...and the Knockin' to cap it was perfect..... Defiantly worth a listen....
Reviewer: chchboogie - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 21, 2011
Subject: Decent show
This was the last show I saw With my regular crew.
I don't remember the music too well as I was under the influence of some heavy concert enhancers, as we used to call them.
Anyway, my friend Devon sat next to me for this show and did nothing but rag on the band for the entire show.It was to say the least the worst trip of my life(and my last one as it would turn out).
Listening now, it was not a bad show. If you were there definitely download it.
The next show I saw was in 1990 with my wife (who is not a head) she hated it ,and vowed I'd never take her to a Dead show again.
Five years after that I saw my last show. Two months before Jerry died. glad I got to see them one last time.
There was nothing like a Grateful Dead show. Even though I became a Phish head it was not the same.( and no my wife has never seen Phish. haha)
Reviewer: geech - - October 15, 2008
Subject: umm...
"the crowds response to Vinces first lines"??

That would be the dear departed Mr. Mydland. Sure do miss that man's playing. *sigh* Got to meet him in the lot the night before this show too.
Reviewer: DRK STR - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 7, 2008
Subject: You know its gonna get STRANGER..
GREAT start to a mythical tour..
Strangers first chorus ending with Bobs hollar, the crowds response to Vinces first lines... Ya know Weir in for it here..

Around and Around >Good Lovin' > LaBamba > Good Lovin'


Look at this one.. ;)

first "Hey Pocky Way" - first "Blue Dress" - first "Good Golly" ... sbeok.shnf

Reviewer: jboyaquar - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 22, 2005
Subject: Some dull patches aside, not a bad way to open a tour.
Enough avoidance, let's head deep down the well of Fall '87.

1st Set: Ripped from the comfy confines of your Marin County home-thrust into an exhausting Fall Tour lineup...yep I'd feel like a "Stranger" to all of this as well. Almost exhaustively voiced, the boys are willing themselves back to concert shape, exerting an effort that makes the version enduring. "Franklin's" decent, but not really all that dynamic. "Walkin" is not exactly light on its feet, but Brent's surging Hammond rises this above mediocrity. A sloshy "Push" arrives next. The rawness of the sound quality isn't an impediment; instead, it oddly raises my interst as to a song's entrance upon my auditory landscape. Anyhoo, "Esau"'s a bit rough. Awwww..., we've got ourselves a well-received "Roses." Evidently, we're cruising through the 'unwanted' territories tonight as we need to get the next tune as "Far From Me" as possible. The set concludes with a, if not blazing or especially spacey, well-played "Let it Grow."

2nd Set: 80 seconds of crowd noise leads us to the solid call of a spirited "Iko." A good call because we needed some unified good times/party song after a choppy and unsocial 1st. Jerry's providing stellar leadership on "Saint," but the rest of the band isn't up to his level. What a shock. Early cuts stymie an otherwise standard "Ship." Awwww...the crowd is really happy to clap, sing and prod this pleasant "Uncle John" along. Without much of an outro jam, yet feeling the organic need to produce non-structured music, they veer into a "Playin Jam" that features fab work by Phil and Jer. "Drums" arrives, as we knew it would... Mickey creates headless horsemen chasing after the hobbits through the forest, right outside the Shire. Alternating between humane and sinister, this "Space" never latches onto a unified mood. After about 7 minutes, Jerry wounds his way around a riff of choice, and we're back to a fine (for '87) "Truckin." Two runs through the opening chords and Bobby's already bustin to start singin "Spoonful." Funny enough, and very unlike the Dead, the song's construction would allow for an audience 'Spoonful' chant during the chorus. Jerry's the strongest player here though there's not an intriguing jam to be found. We casually stroll into a top-notch (again, for '87) "Black Peter." Yea, it's time to go "Around & Around." Bobby's shrilling excitedly for just the appetizer of "Good Lovin." Bobby's screeching and hollarin' It happens at 5:02 with Bobby stating "Listen" Jerry throws in the chords, {let's not forget what spurred on this revival. It certainly was Not a random lark that popped in Jerry's head to revisit America's 1st Hispanic rockstar's due to the hit Lou Diamond Phillips(hey, he was a force in the late 80s: "Young Guns," "Stand and Deliver") film "La Bamba.") and we're off to Valens land. Meekly sung, it's still loads of fun.

Phew, we all need a breather and Dylan's "Knockin," tho a bit solemnly severe, does the trick.

Listen to the opening and closing songs of each set along with "Iko" "UJB->Playin Jam," and "Black Peter."
Reviewer: blue52 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 21, 2005
Subject: great time by ALL
came down,from canada, to see a friend get married in brockton mass.few of us got on the bus spring '87 and this show brought the rest of my drinking,smoking,dosein' friends on too.we all had a great run (87-90).anyways...stranger got into the quad sound early....healy finally got garcia tweak out for franklin(or was it just havin the keys to his volume...part show...havin fun with us)....87'great time had by all.great tour opener.....good lovin-la it a lisen just for grarcia's spanish on la bamba...god bless'em
Reviewer: lance4444 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 28, 2005
Subject: La Bamba
I was a junior at Brown Univ. in Providence when I saw this show. Yes, 9/9/87 was incredible but this was a gem too. La Bamba was certainly a nod to the movie of the same title that came out in 1987 (the Ritchie Valens story). At the time it seemed as though two worlds had collided, the Dead (Good Lovin') and a small slice of pop culture (the song and movie, La Bamba). But looking back, it was just good fun, as it always was at a show. I lost my tape of this show about 10 years ago so I very glad to find this pretty good quality version in digital form.
Reviewer: BustedFlat - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 16, 2005
Subject: FUN
A lot of my friends knock the boys for doing the la bamba thing. At the time I thought it was hysterical. I listen again for the first time in about eighteen years and realise this was a pretty damn good run! 9/9/87 was the highlight, to be sure, but this is plain ol' fun GD. Not the best AUD I've heard, but a nice addition to the collection. Get 9/9 for sure.
Reviewer: lobster12 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 11, 2005
Subject: labor day show
Fun show. How we stayed out of jail with the strict "open container" enforcement was beyond me.

Solid all around, but the jam at the end of Black Peter is amazing. Never a big fan of this tune, but man if they played it like this every night I'd convvert.
Reviewer: Reece - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 4, 2005
Subject: Nice Show
This is not a landmark show in my book, but still a solid show to kick off a great tour. Stranger is loping but funky with some nice Jerry leads. Franklin's was predictable but soothing to my "charged" mental state. Personally, I think the rest of the set is solid but it might seem a bit pedestrian to others. In the second set there is a great extended jam (unusual for '87) after Uncle John's with hints of Playin' that is really cool. But for me, the post-drums segment makes the show. A good Truckin'>Spoonful out of space (my favorite place for Truckin') and then a positively RIPPING Black Peter follows. Seriously, Jerry's ending jam on this is just searing. Even if the rest of the show does nothing for you, do your self a favor and give it a listen (it won't cost you too much!) Then we get the first of the Good Lovin'>La Bamba's they did (it was a lot of fun). I caught these 3 shows at Providence and then saw the first night of Cap Center (those were great shows too - especially the last night of Providence). Anyway, this was a nice opener for a great fall mini tour.

Man, I love this site!
Reviewer: redsox87 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 23, 2005
Subject: Sharp recording............
Definately worth the download. Sharp, crisp sound. A little high on the trebble and a bit of an echo but I like recordings where I can hear the crowd. Nutty night back then to start the 3 bender!!

I agree I do love this site!!
Reviewer: ifyouchoose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 11, 2005
Subject: Rocks from the Garden says"""""""""""""""
DOWNLOAD IT! Kitty loves the Good Lovin->Labamba->GL Jam!!!!!!!! Peace
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